Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hernia Surgery

We are loving having Mr. William home! It is the biggest blessing, and I feel like we are adjusting to the routine. Thankfully, it has been a smooth transition, and almost nice to have one home before two. Its been good to learn what its like to wake up with him at night; how to bathe in our sink; what the perfect bottle temperature is; etc. However, it has been almost two weeks, and we are soooo ready to get Luke home too.

We are not able to take William to the hospital, so my sweet mom has organized a system to distribute Luke's feedings between all of our family members. The grandparents are rotating who goes up to hold/feed Luke, so that I can stay home with William. Cole and I get up there about once a day (and one of them watches William). We could practically make a spreadsheet out of our schedule. But, it means the world to us because we know Luke is being loved.

On Tuesday, we learned that Luke developed an inguinal (groin) hernia. This is very common in premature babies. His hernia was on his right side, and they had to surgically fix it. Luckily, they got him on the surgery schedule right away, and he went into surgery yesterday afternoon at 430. They repaired his hernia, as well as reinforced the muscles on the other side too. Luke did amazing! They were able to use local anesthesia, and he recovered beautifully. He was feeding and eating again after midnight! The doctor said typically this will push back their homecoming 24-48 hours, but he said that Luke did so well, it shouldn't delay him much at all.

Luke is such a happy baby! Right before his surgery:)

We are hoping he will be home in the next week! Please continue to pray for his stamina in eating and his cooperation with the bottles:)

We are great at home. We are having a blast with William. He fits so well into our lives, and I can't imagine what we did without him! He's brilliant already, he loves to wiggle and is developing strong neck muscles. I swear he's about to roll over. He's perfect!

William and Daddy watching a soccer game

William is pooped after his tummy time!!

Thanks for all of your prayers. We feel so blessed!

Much love,
me:) and William (...he's on my lap)

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  1. ahhh! look how he just feel right asleep in a little sweet ball; LOVE him!

    Hope you're doing well sweet Anne. I love you and am thinking about you all and sending up my prayers for your little pumpkins.