Tuesday, June 7, 2011

our little punkins

Our little boys are too cute for words. We're having so much fun loving on them and trying to pinpoint their similarities and differences. They are so alike already- they're very laid back, gentle and so interested in what is going on around them. We are excited to get to know their personalities even more as they grow.

The boys are working on taking bottles. Every meal is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes they will take the whole bottle, and sometimes they will look at the bottle, put it in their mouth, and have no idea what to do. Its all about practice, and we're just enjoying participating in their growth.

We CANNOT wait for them to come home!! We wanted to share some more pictures because we've gotten some requests for more of their precious faces:)

zzzzz.....William....they sleep about 21-22 hours a day

zzzz....luke....they don't wake each other up (yet)

cole's dad brought the boys texas tech bibs...wreck em william

luke and lou bob

wreck em...Luke!



  1. cute pictures. thanks for the update.

  2. Looks like the boys have more hair than Lou bob...guess they got Evans genes in there somewhere!

  3. Precious, Precious I can not stop the tears and I can not thank the Lord enough for your beautiful blessings. I so remember those early feedings with those tiny bottles, and the joy I recieved when they actually finished one. Be ready for more and more blessings daily. They never stop, it is one of God's greatest gifts. I love you. When can I come see the babies in person?