Sunday, June 19, 2011

William is home!!

William looks tiny in his crib!!

Wow! We have had such a wonderful week. It has flown by, and has been filled with many wonderful visitors and special memories.

William and Luke met their great-grandparents (my maternal grandparents) on Thursday. Annie and Papa flew in from San Antonio for the day, just to meet the boys. They insisted on seeing them in the hospital, and when they heard discharge was on the horizon, they jumped on the plane!

Annie and Papa with the boys. I will forever treasure this picture.

It was really neat to have four generations together. It took me a little while to process this blessing. When I look at the pictures, it overwhelms me with joy and love. I love the people in those pictures with such a deep love. It was so exciting to have them there and for them to get to know our little boys. But, even more I was so proud for our boys to meet my amazing grandparents. We all ooohed and aahhed over their every little detail...their fingers, their eyebrows, and even their chin dimples.

Also, on Friday, we received the great news that William would be sent home!! We brought him home Saturday afternoon, and it has been the greatest father's day gift ever! You don't realize how wonderful something is, until you actually have it. And now, it is AMAZING having William here at home with us! He has had so many visitors and I think this will be helpful to have one at a time. We are learning the ropes and routine with him, and once Luke comes home, we won't be totally thrown into the fire.

Having William home is such a blessing! This is WAY before our original mid-July date. However, it is really hard having the boys in separate places. Please pray for my contentment and trust since Luke is still in the hospital. We can't bring William up there, and so I am, for the most part, at home. I will go see him at least once a day, but I can't spend all day up there like I'm used to. It breaks my heart.
William is relaxing at home with his mommy!

The doctor told us not to compare the two. Luke is still doing great, but just needs more practice on his feedings. The doctor still can't predict when he would come home because Luke wears himself out when he feeds and isn't completing the bottles. My personal prediction (this is just a guess) is 10 days. But, we'll see. Pray for Luke!

Luke and William's last picture together at the hospital

Thanks for your love and prayers! Happy Father's Day!


  1. I've been following your blog friend! Look how chubby they are getting!! So excited for you that William is home! What a perfectly wonderful Father's Day gift. Praying for sweet Luke. Miss you.

  2. Ahh! Anne, the picture with your grandparents; ABSOLUTELY heart warming. I LOVED IT! And I'm so happy William is home and I'm definitely feeling the 10 day thing for Luke ;-) I love you!