Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 month!

William and Luke turned 1 month on Sunday. We cannot believe how fast time is flying. Just a month ago, we received the greatest blessings, and our lives have been forever changed.

It is truly amazing to think of how much we have grown as a family over the last month. The Lord is so faithful. First, he continues to give us a glimpse of the amazing love that he has for us, as we experience love for our own boys. He also has carried us through the last month with minimal sleep, a busy world, and ever changing boys with his perfect steadfastness and consistency. His promises and mercies are new each morning, and we see this more clearly. Finally, he continues to provide for and protect William and Luke- we are a family of four now, and the Father has known our every step since before the beginning of time. Thank you!

William and Luke are progressing steadily. As of today, William weighs 4lbs 5oz and Luke weighs 4lbs 14oz. They are starting to fill out their little faces. The remaining challenge will be the "suck, swallow, breathe" coordination. We started them on bottles yesterday. Their first bottle was quite successful. They each took about 1/3 of the bottle, and the rest was put through their tube. But, the staff told me (about a hundred times) that this will be a long process...they will have no consistency in their feedings and some days they may drink it all, and some days they may drink none. At this point it is all about practice, practice, practice!!

William is wearing brown, and Luke is in green. Luke was WIDE awake and such a wiggle worm for the pictures!

Healthy newborns do not develop this "suck, swallow, breathe" reflex until about 37-38 weeks, so we are trying to teach them, but can't expect much. Its really hard work for them, and I want to remember this as we start this road. Please pray for patience for Cole and me, as well as development for the boys.

Thanks for everything! Enjoy their one month pictures!!


  1. i love these pictures!! they are so darling, Anne!! continued prayers for your family of four :)

  2. Anne! You've got the sweetest boys :-) And I can't wait to meet them! I love you all. xoxo!

  3. Anne you are beautiful! I'm tearing up looking at all of these photos...

    Thanks for updating everyone. It's so good to be able to check in and see how you're doing.