Thursday, May 26, 2011

new cribs!

William and Luke have been staying in isolettes since they have been born. These incubators help to control their temperatures since they are unable to do this on their own. They attempt to simulate a womb-like environment. When we are not there the incubators are covered with dark blankets, so it is very warm and very dark inside.

William and Luke in their new hospital cribs!

Well...the boys have made another giant leap!! They are now out of the incubators and in regular cribs. This means that they can maintain their own temperatures and they are getting more accustomed to the light. It is so fun because now I feel like they can hear us better and they're more in touch with their environment.

Also, today was the first day that the boys were able to try feeding by mouth. Unfortunately, they had zero interest in sucking on the bottle. So, we will try this again soon. Please pray that they develop this suck and swallow reflex because the sooner they are able to feed on their own, the sooner they can come home!!

Although William and Luke are unable to feed on their own, they are gaining great weight through their tube feeds. They are still being fed breast milk through the tubes in their noses. Today William weighed 3lbs 11oz and Luke weighs 4lbs 5oz. They are starting to pudge up a little in their faces, and it's so cute. I kiss their little cheeks a would too, trust me.

We love Willam's big eyes

I spend most of my time at the hospital and after work Cole comes up. However, we are sleeping at home until they are closer to discharge, so that we can get some rest. Our hospital room is wonderful though. I have made myself very comfortable up here with diet cokes and snacks in the mini fridge. I'm getting lots of time with the boys in my arms. We read books, I sing (yikes) and I admire their every little facial expression. This is the life!!!

Luke is getting chubbier!!

Thanks for all of your prayers.


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  1. They are sooo adorable! Pretty soon, they will get that sucking reflex down and take out a full bottle in 15 minutes. You won't even remember them struggling through figuring out how to suck. In hindsight, the time flies when they are sooo little, so take lots of pictures and videos!