Thursday, May 5, 2011


Thank you all for your prayers for our sons, William and Luke Evans. We feel the prayers, and wanted to allow you to know more specific prayer requests and to see short little updates on their time in the NICU.

We praise God for what he's teaching us already through these boys. We are humbled by his mercy and love, and learning to rely on him. We're experiencing the incredible love of parents for their children, and amazed at how much more God loves us, and feel feel blessed to turn to him and trust in him for his provision and protection of Luke and William.

We have not decided if we will do this in a blog post, or via email, but for now, we will send this as an email, and we will update you as things change.

William- William is still so strong and doing well, as far as his respiratory status is concerned. The doctors heard a heart murmur, and have confirmed that this is because he has not switched over from fetal circulation. Usually the heart can close this valve (ductus arteriosus) on it's own, and this is our prayer, but if not the doctors plan to intercede in the days to come. William got a PICC line today. This is essentially an IV that goes straight into your central circulation. This is great access for him, but we pray against infection.

Luke- Luke continues to have difficulty breathing, but has been steadily improving and holding on enough to not be intubated yet. The doctors say that he is doing much better and improving greatly with his respiratory status. He continues to have bradycardic (slow heart rate) and apneic (periods of no breathing) episodes. They are fewer and fewer, and we are so thankful. Luke received a PICC line yesterday, and I was able to hold him for the first time today. It was so sweet and I didn't want to let go.

Thanks again for your prayers. We'll keep you posted on their status. Attached is the picture of me holding sweet Luke.

Much love,
Anne and Cole

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