Monday, May 16, 2011

happy monday!

cole, william, luke and i had a wonderful weekend. we are definitely finding our routine, and we continue to feel encouraged by the boys progress. it was so fun to have cole over the weekend. we were able to visit together as many times as we wanted, and not feel rushed because of work or shift changes with the nurses.

the boys are precious, and continue to capture our hearts.

the latest updates:

luke- luke is so steady. the doctors have felt very comfortable with his breathing status and have taken him off of the pulse oximeter. this means that they are no longer monitoring his oxygen saturation because they feel that he is maintaining a good level. this is so awesome, but also a little scary. we get so accustomed to the monitors and it is nice to be able to see his status on a screen, besides just his physical appearance. they allow us to know that he's breathing, know that his breaths are adequate, etc. however, now that this is taken away from us, i guess its one step closer to the real world. yay luke! people are starting to speculate that he looks like his mommy? thoughts?

william- we're still waiting for william to catch up on his feedings. he is receiving the nutrition through his veins, and for whatever reason his most recent doctor has been very conservative in decreasing this. he still has the picc line for this reason, but i feel like it will be taken out very soon. we have also heard it said that he looks like his daddy...who knows?

thanks so much for your prayers. i haven't been updating very much because there aren't many changes. mostly they're doing beautifully and we are so proud of their strength. praise god!! i will continue to post though because i'm pretty obsessed with them and i want you to see their cute pics.

we let our moms hold them this week. nanna and lita are going to spoil these little boys rotten...i think i'm ok with that:)

thanks for everything. we feel so blessed.


  1. i enjoy reading these--so encouraging. know that you four are consistently in my prayers. with all my best, timothy

  2. Right now William looks most like Lance Armstrong with his neon. He's prepping for the Tour and carbo loading with the PiCC.

  3. I need some more baby news and updates......thinking about you and praying daily....girls ask me every day any news on "The Boys".....

  4. P.S.....right now I think the boys look like John and Paul hopefully they will grow out of that.......ouch....just kidding boys, they could only wish to be as handsome as their uncles.