Saturday, May 7, 2011


This morning has been full of encouraging news so far. Cole and I feel so incredibly blessed by each of our dear friends and how incredibly well you love us. Thank you again.

William- We just heard back from the doctor about William's ECHO. The PDA is a little smaller, but still significant. They are going to give him another dose of the medication, indocin. Let's pray that this dose completely closes the valve and that he will have no other side effects. They are still holding his feeds to decrease any stress on his bowel.

We weaned the rate on his CPAP, so he is doing more of the work in breathing. This is great progress and I'm so happy for his little lungs.
And finally, William has no evidence of a brain bleed, praise the lord!!

Luke is eating great (through the tube)! He is almost to full feeds, and this could allow the doctors to remove the PICC line since he will not need this access to deliver nutrients to his veins. Wow, that's so exciting for us. I never doubted his eating,he's got great genes:)

Finally, Luke has a Grade I brain bleed. This is 1 out of 5, and is the smallest. The doctor says they will never look at it again because it is so small. He informed us that research has shown that children with a grade I bleed show no neurological or developmental differences compared with those who have no bleed. We are very encouraged by this news, and don't feel defeated. That is such an answer to prayers.

Thanks again for everything. Happy early Mother's Day. What a special day!!



  1. Anne! They are so precious!!! I can't wait to hold them! Welcome to the world little guys!

  2. Good news! Thinking about you girl.