Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what's in a name?

william and luke have had two encouraging days. both of them seem so much more comfortable in this world, and most comfortable when they're in their mommy's and daddy's arms. holding them is our most special time together and we're so thankful that we can hold them in our arms.

today's updates seem boring. but, no news is the best news at this point. praise god!!
william- william's murmur is silent which is further confirmation that the PDA is staying closed! because he is no longer on the indocin medication, they were able to start him back on feeds. they are increasing them very slowly because he has been without food for three days, and the medicine was hard on his tummy. furthermore, he is still on cpap to assist with his breathing, but it is on the lowest rate (setting), and he is doing great with this change. hopefully, we can transition him off of the mask soon.

luke- luke is just coasting with his nasal cannula. he doesnt really like these prongs up his nose, and, many times they fall out and he still breathes perfectly on his own. i'm so proud of our baby! he is still taking feeds beautifully through his tube. we will not attempt mouth feedings for another couple of weeks because that coordination and energy do not develop until about 34-35 wks.

so what is in a name?
naming our boys was way harder than i imagined. you want to love both names equally. you want them to stand alone and be strong, yet you also want them to compliment each other, but yet not "eric and derrick" like. you want your husband or wife to love the names just as much as you do. so it was tough...

as for our babies: we split Cole's name (Colesen Craig Evans)

William Craig Evans- William is a family name on both sides, but also a name we both love for its strength and tradition. Willam was Cole's maternal uncle's name, as well as both of my
paternal great grandfathers' names. also, we should mention they were born on the same day as the royal wedding, but this was pure coincidence. And, Craig is Cole's middle name, as well as Cole's dad's name.

Colesen Luke Evans- Colesen is such a unique name, and we both love it. I love that our boys will always share their names with their daddy:) And, Luke is a favorite name of ours from the Bible, and it sticks so well with Colesen. He will be called Luke, and it already fits his sweet little face and personality.

Thanks for your prayers, and for loving William and Luke so well already. Our family is so blessed.



  1. Today's update is not boring!! Your life as you know it will never be boring again. I suggest getting as many scrapbook pages done as you can because once they are home from the hospital you will not have time to do any scrapbooking until they start school. It is so exciting to see God's little miracles at work each and every day. Did you eat the cookie from the boys? That was the girls idea, they think cookies make everything better! YIPES...they come by that naturally. We are continuing in our daily prayers for William and Luke and we love reading the updates.

  2. Anne,
    I found your blog through a Facebook post from Brandi. Congratulations on the birth of your kids! I will send up some prayers for those little boys. Motherhood is truly amazing, and I will pray that you get to take home two healthy sons soon. Hugs to you and your wonderful family.
    Love, Claiborne (Heilman) Linvill