Monday, May 9, 2011

the best mother's day

As I have mentioned. Being a mommy is the best. I can't even believe what a powerful love this is. We are so incredibly thankful how the Lord has carried us through the past week. We feel the power of the Lord, who has created and known these babies since before the beginning of time. He has chosen to give them to us. Thank you Father. What a Mother's Day. What a gift!

Yesterday, the nurses made little Mother's Day cards for me. They put the babies hand prints on them with a sweet little poem. I loved it, and will never forget this Mother's Day.

Cole and I also have felt so blessed because we have gotten to spend so much time with our families through this. We were able to celebrate both of our moms on Mother's Day. I feel even more thankful for them this year.

Luke- Luke is doing well. However, he has had more bradycardic episodes in the last day. We're not really sure why, but the doctors are not concerned and have expressed that this is very normal, and will likely continue through full gestation. He has gone up on his feeds; he is receiving full volumes, and now they are fortifying it with a powder that adds protein, nutrients and vitamins! He gave us the cutest little picture yesterday, I think he was waving:)

William- Praise God, the second round of indocin has closed William's PDA. What a blessing! He had no murmur this morning, and the ECHO showed that his PDA is closed. That is such a relief, because I feel like now he can get back on track to catch up with Luke (although it's not a competition, I've already told them). Because he was NPO (no feeds) for three days, they are slowly giving him food through his tube. We hope that he tolerates these, so we can increase the volume and he can start putting on weight.
He is still on the CPAP breathing mask. The doctor wants to leave him on this for a couple of days to make sure that he is ready and rested to come off of it. I can't wait for that, then we can see his face.

It may seem like with are with Luke more. And I'm sure it seems that way from the pictures, but it really is because he's a little more photogenic at this point. He doesn't have all the gear on his face, so we can see him yawn, sneeze, open his eyes, etc. I promise that we ooohh and ahhh over them equally:)

Thanks for everything!! We love yall


  1. Anne and Cole- Amanda passed along the link to your blog. I'm so glad to know about the birth and progress of your sons! Taylor and I are praying for them (and for you) regularly.

  2. Happy Mothers Day (a day late)! What a special Mother's Day....William and Luke are in my prayers every day!

  3. What a unforgettable Mothers Day! I LOVE the picture. Our Lord is so good. :)

  4. Your heart is beautiful - I am so encouraged by you.

  5. Happy first Mother's Day! God is so good...what precious, precious boys. Thank you for sharing this with us...what an encouragement you are. I've no doubt even the boys can feel that encouragement and trust each time you are with them.